Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The China Toners and Quality Control

Think Toner, Inc. has learned how to educate ourselves through experience. Some of it through hard knocks, the best way to learn about experience by far.

One way Think Toner, Inc. had "the hard knock" was to endure the loss of a few clients by testing the China Toner Market; the defect ratio was outstanding.  To the point where Think Toner, Inc stopped  buying the China Toner but continued to test The China Distributors for themselves before they would sell to the American market.

Think Toner, Inc. was not going to make a fast profit on junk.  We are here for the long run.
We made a promise15 years ago that we wanted our clients to feel like we were next door and easy to deal with.

So we remained here in the USA and continued to work hand in hand with "Made In The USA" Remanufactured and Compatible  toner Companies for the last  13 years.  All the while, testing China Toner Distributors.  This enabled Think Toner, Inc. to locate, test,  and  discover the best Remanufacturers in the world not just here is the U.S.

BUT,  the COST of toners keeps going up  higher and higher each year and our competitors have been using China Toners at a lower cost despite  quality control.
Selling toners  through the WEB without first testing them and not informing the buyer as to where the toner comes from is a common practice that Think Toner, Inc.  rejects  As a result  Think Toner  has decided to educate all those who come to   However does this mean that China Toners are sub-standard..the answer: NO, because Think Toner, Inc. has been testing the China Distributor

After 3 years of testing the China Market and working with as many as 6 different companies from China 2 of them with disappointment...Think Toner, Inc. identified  a  remanufacturer from China  that takes quality very seriously. 

Visit our website to find tested and quality remanufactured and compatible toners.

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