Thursday, July 7, 2011

Printer Toners and Inkjets are going to cost more! What can we do?

Imaging supplies  and  Business can't live without  each other.
The Abacus has been replaced by the calculator
The Scribe has been replaced by the printer.
The Brain has been replaced by the Computer
As a result: small business and big business have to invest into IMAGING SUPPLIES
Which consist of:
Toners, Inkjets, Drum Units, Transfer Rollers, Maintenance Kits,   Fusers, MICR Toners,  and the list goes on and all because the printer,copier and fax machine have become a part of our lives. In the lst 10 years they have even become a part of our home furniture. Yet, like everything else... except our salaries, the cost of office supplies continue to  increase.
On top of this Japan has to raise the price on all their imaging supplies because their Tsunami wiped out all of their  reserves.

ThinkToner has taken it upon   themselves to educate their customers on the variations..." the print"  requires.
By letting them know through flyers, email and  by word of  mouth that:

When you buy a printer,  copier  or   fax ..MAKE SURE YOU KNOW 3 THINGS:

A: The cost of the toner or inkjet
B: The page yield it gives back to you.
C: Does a Remanufactured, Compatible or Generic  Toner/inkjet   be used without any FEAR?
Knowing this can save businesses up to 30% -50%   on all    printer supplies.


We at Think Toner make sure the buyer also knows that the  disadvantage of remanufactured compatible and Generic cartridges exist too.
and it boils down to  QUALITY CONTROL.
Even a good Remanufacturer whose been in business for  over 20 years has a  defect ratio.  which is why it is important to use a reputable dealer.


We still avoid many color Compatibles due to this factor.  To purchase quality Compatibles at affordable prices, contact Think Toner, Inc.


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